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Welcome to engage in toxicology research, management, education, clinical, food and drug safety evaluation and related enterprises to attend China's toxicology, the accelerated development of our toxicology, in order to safeguard public health, and contribute to build a harmonious society.


Chinese Society Of Toxicology

Brief history
    Chinese Society of Toxicology£¨CST£© is the highest community of Toxicology science in China, and one of the national societies with the leadership of China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).The CST was established in Beijing in November 10, 1993, and it is the member of the International Union of Toxicology ( IUTOX) and the Asian Society of Toxicology£¨ASIATOX£©.The major aim of CST is to widely mobilize, unite and service the toxicologists in China, push forward the development and prosperity of toxicology science in China, and promote the growth and mature of toxicology professionals and talents.
    With the leadership from CST councils past and present, the CST has made a great rapid progression in the development. Presently, there are 25 professional committees (Branches), more than 10000 individual members and 152 unite-members. The business scopes and branches involve all the areas associated with toxicology and products safety, including industrial, food, medicine and drug dependence, clinical, Biochemistry and molecular biology, feed, genetics, immunity, reproductive, environment and ecology, biotoxics, analytical toxicology, , radiotoxicoloy, risk assessment, toxicology role and management, toxic and treatment, drug toxicology and safety evaluation, toxicologic pathology, Traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine toxicology, and so on.

Current status and main achievements
    The term of the council is every four years, and members were recommended and elected from outstanding experts and scholars in toxicology all over the country. The National Congress of Toxicology organized by Chinese Society of Toxicology is the highest toxicology academic event held every 4 years in China, which was changed to be every 2 years from 2013). Up to now, seven CSOT meetings and four Youth Academic Forum have been held in different parts of China . At the same time, cross-strait toxicology forum were held every 2 years of since 2001 by the CST in cooperation with the Taiwan society of Toxicology. And the 8th cross-strait toxicology forum (2015) was held in Wuhan. Various types of continuing education training classes are held each year and national academic and professional conferences and training courses were held by professional committees (Branches) and provincial toxicology every 1-2 years. CST organize individual members to participate in international conferences.
     Toxicology Research is the official journal of the CST and the British Toxicology Society (BTS). Since its launch in 2012 and received its first full Impact Factor of 3.984 in 2015. Toxicology Research has published 22 issues and cover about 200 articles. Toxicology Research is the top of sixth in the International Journal of toxicology.
    CST carried out Diplomat of Certified Toxicologist (DCST) from 2008. Qualification certification examination is held nationwide each year. xxx Certification and xxx re-certification were received by 2015. We are actively participating in and promoting international mutual recognition from international union of Toxicology (IUTOX). It is expected to make the first batch of IRT (IUTOX Recognzaed Toxicologist) which a member of DCST.
    CST strengthen the international academic community. Some international academic conferences were held successfully, such as the 4th International Congress of Asian society of Toxicology (2006) and the 5th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries (2003). Forum and training of risk assessment were held in cooperation with IUTOX. 2010 International Conference on Biomedical and Environmental Science and Technology (ICBEST 2010) was held in Beijing. In 2016, the Toxicology and Safety Evaluation Seminar / project leader training has been Co-sponsored by American College of Toxicology (ACT ) and CST.
    We look forward to further close cooperation with all professionals, academic groups and organizations and make greater contributions to the development of toxicology, protect human health and ecological environment.


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